I will run an online survey with up to 200 real nigerian consumers

If you are here, you understand and want to capitalize on the potential of the African Market. Understand what your ideal Nigerian (African) consumer thinks about your product or brand and maximize all your marketing efforts and profit potential. This gig will give insights into an otherwise untested yet highly profitable market. Asking the right questions to Nigerians in all walks of life (or targeted audience) will allow you adapt your offering or product to the market.

I will run an online survey to consumers in Nigeria and report the results

All surveys will be run on my Pro SurveyMonkey Account

Contact me before placing your order.


Respondents are part of a representative nationwide panel of Nigerian consumers (not businesses). All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided).

  • Deliverables
  • Survey summary report
  • All response details (includes IP’s & timestamps)

Optional (Order at Checkout)

  • Add questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Randomize answer order
  • PDF/Excel Exports & Advanced Reports

Don’t miss out on this amazing rare deal.

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